Group Long Term Disability


Unique plans fitted to your workers which provide benefits for either:

•  Sickness and Accident
•  Accident only
•  Accident and Serious Illness Disability Plan
•  Long Term Disability and ASID Hybrid Plan



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Long Term Disability Benefits function?
Long-term disability typically has a longer waiting period before it begins for both injury and illness. If LTD coverage is paired with STD coverage, the long-term disability will usually commence when the short-term disability ends. However, for employees who are only participating in LTD coverage, the waiting period can be anywhere from 3-6 months before their coverage starts.
Should a claim be reported if WCB/WSIB is involved due to a workplace accident or illness?

YES!  WSIB/WCB cases run in parallel to LTD and it is important to ensure notice and claim submission has occurred at the same time or as soon as practical.

How long will coverage for Long Term Disability Benefits be provided?

Every plan is different and you should review your booklet or discuss with your plan administrator. Most plans will define what it means to be disabled and have different periods and criteria for entitlement; usually called "Own Occupation" and "Any Occupation". If you satisfy all criteria on an ongoing basis the maximum entitlement is to age 65.

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