Group Short Term Disability

Benefit examples include but not limited to:

•  Waiting periods up to 30 days
•  Payment periods of up to 52 weeks
•  Fixed or Salary related Benefits
•  Management of Self-Insured or Sick Pay Plans
•  Total Absence Management Program (TAMP)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Short Term Disability?

Short term disability benefits may pay a portion of your income if you cannot work for several weeks due to a covered injury or illness. There are variations on the manner in which these are paid such as Income Continuance, ASO, Insured and EI Top-up.

Where can I find information about my Short Term Coverage?

Refer to your employee booklet as provided at the time of hire or enrollment in your benefits plan. Or contact your plan administrator at your place of employment.

When should I file a claim?
Claims should be submitted as soon as possible to ensure an accurate and timely decision is made. Typically a decision is rendered within 5 business days.

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