How Brokers Are Compensated


Fenchurch General Insurance Company provides insurance to the public through independent brokers across Canada.

As an insurer, Fenchurch General Insurance Company has agency contracts with insurance brokers who provide advice and purchase insurance cover on their client's behalf. We take great care to ensure that brokers who are under contract to us will operate to the highest professional standards. They earn their brokerage compensation as part of the insurance premium paid in the form of a commission. Brokers have a duty to disclose their commission earnings on a given policy to their client if so requested. The standard commissions paid by Fenchurch General Insurance Company are between 5% and 20%.

Fenchurch General Insurance Company may from time to time enter into non-standard arrangements which could have compensation terms that fall outside these ranges.


Contingent Profit Commissions (CPC)


As part of our contracts with brokers/agents, Fenchurch General Insurance Company recognizes broker efforts through the potential payment of Contingent Profit Commissions. CPC payments are not guaranteed and are based on a share of the profitability of business submitted by the broker over an extended period - typically 3 years.

Profitability is measured by comparing premium revenue against expenses (claims cost, broker commission, staff salaries and premises costs etc).


Other Services


A small number of Fenchurch General Insurance Company brokers carry out additional services on our behalf. These may include data entry, processing claims payments and conducting site surveys. This additional work is compensated by payment of an agreed fee or commission. If you have any queries, please click here to contact us, or contact your insurance broker.

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