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Bonding for:


  • General and Sub Contractors in both Canada & the U.S.A
  • Small -to Medium Emerging Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Service & Design Build Contractors
  • Engineering Companies
  • Design & Performance
  • Soil Remediation
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead Abatement
  • Hardware & Software
  • Service Contracts
  • Canadian & U.S. Customs & Excise
  • Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder
  • Carnet 
  • Warehouse
  • Guardianship
  • Administrator
  • Executor
  • Trustee

  • Consumer Protection
  • Contractor's License
  • Fuel Tax


A “Contract Bond” is a surety bond that protects construction project investors from unfavourable events that cause interruptions, failure to complete, or failure to meet specifications of a construction contract. Contract bonds are mostly mandatory for projects beyond a certain size, especially for government and public works projects. They are also vital to the growth and stability of contractors as they open doors to new opportunities and ensure trust.

Contract Bonds:

  • Tender Bonds (Bid Bond, Agreement to Bond, Pre-Qualification Letters)
  • Performance Bond
  • Labour & Material Payment Bond
  • Maintenance Bond

Documents required for bonding:

  • Contractor’s Questionnaire
  • Work-on-hand Report
  • Bond Requisition
  • Last three years of year-end financial statements (may require interim financial statements if most recent year-end financial statements are older than six months)
  • Aged listing of receivables and payables
  • Personal net worth statements
  • Organizational chart of ownership and key personnel
  • Reference letter from three largest jobs