Fenchurch General can upgrade your current program or create a new one from the initial concept idea through to the marketing and implementation.

At Fenchurch General we believe communication is the key to our success. That's why we try to thoroughly understand each client's business regardless of size, and to provide each account with a level of commitment and attention unparalleled in today's insurance market.


In keeping with this, our goal is simple; to work with you, our client and your customers, to offer constructive input alongside proactive and positive solutions. In short, to create programs which are realistic and competitive yet thoroughly and responsibly underwritten.

Warranty Programs

Here at Fenchurch General we take it upon ourselves to create solutions critical to you and your client's success.

Through our understanding of the internal and external issues important to you and your client's industry.


Our success depends on our willingness to work with you the client, while never losing sight of the main goal. We realize our clients are our eyes and ears to the business and the fundamental success of Fenchurch General hinges on our service to you our customer.